Out of the Blue
This blog is filled with cats, weed, cute things and anything else that catches my fancy. Sometimes it has rants, sometimes it has happiness. All in all, everything is usually completely out of the blue.
Got some new toys to play with :)
Gotta go in for another session to fill in the color and shading.
I’m next!
New tattoo idea :)
Why you are don't do videos ?

Is this supposed to be a logical sentence?

I was doing videos when I was detoxing, but I’m not detoxing anymore soooo… Yeah. I just don’t think anything else I’m doing right now is really worth it.

I’m getting real sick and tired of these fucking prostitutes.
One fucking locked me out and gave me the dirtiest look ever when I knocked on the door. She stood in the doorway and wouldn’t let me get by.
Don’t treat me like I don’t belong here, bitch I was here before all of you.
I will rip those lip rings right out of your face if you give me any of your shit.
I’m not dealing with this.
I’ve already been in a raid at the place I’ve been selling out of.
The last thing I need is the cops busting in looking for these fucking whores.
Enough perverts come through to make this place a pretty hot spot.
Just get a fucking motel room. Don’t take us all down with you just because you don’t value your own life.


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