Out of the Blue

Rhode Island fiend

This blog used to be filled with cats, weed, cute things and anything else that caught my fancy. Sometimes it had rants, sometimes it had happiness. Now it is more about my spiraling addiction to opiates. And my many attempts at recovery. All in all, everything is usually completely out of the blue.

So I picked up a b.
when I put it in the spoon it just gets milky, doesn’t even turn brown at all or dissolve.
I highly doubt it’s h.
I don’t even want to boot it. It’s mad sketch.

Anyone have any input?


to the prankster who put “the moon” as the address on their online pizza delivery order: thanks a whole dang lot. i was up there for like ten minutes just aimlesly waiting, ringing the doorbell, kicking moon rocks around

Hello. I don’t feel so good.

I can be a functioning addict. Kind of. I might be 15 minutes late sometimes but so what.
I almost have my life under control, but hey, who does?
I’m a college kid what can you expect. My grades are pretty high so who cares.
I’ve applied for jobs, but because of my class schedule most places have no interest in me. I’m doing the best I can.
I’m more sick than high most of the time and I’m still making it through.
Fuck your standards.
I still wouldn’t trade my life for any other.